What is your Style ?

Live an inner experience outdoors

Mountain Walking

If you need a significant dose of action, we offer this program that combines different activities including walking.

Desert Walking

For those with more adventurous souls, we offer this comfortable and safe bivouac program.

Sea Walking

Walking by the sea, you could experience the relaxation effects of the sea water and the waves.


Omani Kuma and Massar

The Kuma and Massar, two forms of headdress, are both a large part of Omani men’s national dress. Because of the sultan’s work to maintain the cultural heritage of Oman, people not only wear these traditional garments often but are incredibly proud of them and …

Queen of Shebah

Once upon a time there was a beautiful and wise queen in the land of the Sabeans, who ruled over a vast territory stretching from the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean. According to the Bible, she once went on a pilgrimage to the land …

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